One Year of Regal Success

Scent enthusiasts and loyal patrons, it's time to commemorate a significant milestone in my journey at Regal Home Fragrance. I'm proud to mark the first anniversary of my first online candle sale, and it's been quite a journey!

From Vision to Reality
A year ago, Regal Home Fragrance was born, but the groundwork began long before. Months of relentless work, research, and dedication went into crafting the perfect candle collection - one that would evoke memories, create atmospheres, and elevate your space.

Regal Home Fragrance isn't just about selling candles; it's about sharing my passion with the world. Every scent is a piece of my soul poured into creating captivating home fragrances.

Marketplace Triumphs and Tangible Connections
Over the past year, I've ventured beyond the digital realm to local farmers' markets, connecting with y'all face-to-face. It's been an incredible journey, sharing the stories behind my scents and witnessing your delight as you discover your favorite fragrance.

A Sale with Purpose
To show my gratitude, I'm offering a generous 50% discount on all my soy wax candles as I transition to the exclusive use of coconut-apricot and coconut waxes for an even more exquisite scent experience.

The Road Ahead: A Commitment to Excellence
As I enter my second year, I'm making bold moves and promising bolder scents. New products are on the horizon, each meticulously crafted to elevate your space and offer even more choices to immerse yourself.

My goal is to expand and have Regal Home Fragrance products featured in your favorite retail locations for easy access.

A Heartfelt Thanks
In this moment of reflection, I extend my deepest gratitude to my loyal customers, the driving force behind my success. Your support, feedback, and passion for my fragrances have been invaluable.

Thank you for making Regal Home Fragrance a part of your life and allowing my fragrances to enrich your homes.

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