Lighting Up Canada

Hey, candle lovers! Remember those awesome times we shared at the farmer's market? You'd ask, "Do you ship to Canada?" and I'd excitedly respond, "Coming soon!" Well, guess what? The wait is over! Regal Home Fragrance is spreading its scented magic and shipping straight to Canada.

I've been working hard to make Canadian shipping smooth and affordable because everyone deserves to enjoy my products. So, I've cooked up some shipping deals just for you. If your order is under $99 CAD, you'll pay a flat $19.99 CAD for shipping. But wait, it gets even better - if your order is over $99 CAD, shipping is on the house! Yep, free shipping.

Now, let's chat about duties ‚Äď those sneaky fees that sometimes pop up. Most low-priced home items won't have any duties, but on the off chance they do, just a tiny heads-up: you might need to¬†pay for import fees. I promise it's worth every penny for the experience.

This Canadian journey isn't just about candles; it's about sharing moments, memories, and scents that make you smile. So, my fellow Canucks, I need your help. What fragrances remind you of home? What scents do you want in your space? Tell me, and let's make it happen together.

Get ready to elevate your space. Shop now!

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