How to Successfully Launch a new Product Line

Launching a new product line is an exciting venture, and it’s all about timing, preparation, and building anticipation. Here’s how I did it with my fragrance company, Noble Crown Fragrances:

Timing: In my first year at outdoor markets, I realized the need for products that could withstand the sun, unlike candles and wax melts. I aimed to launch perfumes by the following summer, considering the workback schedule to ensure a timely launch. Since summer is typically a slow season for candle sales, I planned the launch a month or two before summer starts in Austin. Also, having perfumes ready before Mother’s Day capitalized on gifting opportunities.

Preparation: About 9 months before the launch, I started working on the perfumes. I considered product sizes, prices, sales locations, ideal customers, and shipping ease. I launched 10 new scents while also reworking my original 10 scents into perfumes. The scent experimentation, packaging decisions, prototype testing, and initial batch pouring took several months.

Hype: Building anticipation among customers is crucial. I started telling my best customers about my perfumes months before the planned launch. I shared design ideas, explained new scent notes, and soft-tested pricing before finalizing the product.

Remember, a successful product launch is a blend of strategic timing, thorough preparation, and customer engagement.

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