gingerbread | poached pears | lemon zest

Gift Basket

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Gift Basket - nostalgic gingerbread, pear, and lemon zest

I am continually impressed by the complexity of this fragrance. When I burn it, I truly smell every note, whether it’s the fruits or gourmands. They blend in a way that almost everyone will enjoy. You can literally add this to a gift basket and watch the reaction of your recipient as they smell it for the first time.

“Show your loved ones you care.”


Top: gingerbread, crisp apples

Heart: poached pears, earl grey tea, fresh honey

Base: lemon zest, cinnamon bark, vanilla glaze

Candle Performance

Strong (4): fills large spaces or open areas, noticeable upon entering the room.


All our candles use a coconut apricot + beeswax blend and a wood wick (our 7.5oz candles contain soy).

All our wax melts use coconut wax.

All our perfumes are eau de parfum (EDP) concentration and use an organic sugarcane alcohol spray base.

All of our products contain no phthalates or parabens.

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