Mastering Sales and Discounts

In the fragrance business, pricing can be a puzzle. It's about understanding what customers value and finding the right balance. Today, we're diving into the world of sales and discounts – a tricky landscape with challenges and opportunities.

Navigating Pricing
Setting prices for any product is not easy. We work hard to understand what our products mean to our customers and price them accordingly. It's all about offering quality without breaking the bank.

The Challenge of Discounts
Deciding whether to offer discounts and how much to cut can be tough. We want to reward our customers but avoid creating an expectation of constant bargains.

Balancing Rewards and Expectations
Sales are our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers. But we're careful not to overdo it. We want to keep our products special, not just something you buy when they're on sale.

Strategic Sales Occasions
We save our sales for special moments, like anniversaries or when we need to clear out stock. It's a way to keep things exciting without losing the value of our products.

Rewarding Loyalty
Our best customers get special treatment. We offer them exclusive access to sales events, tied to our email newsletter or social media following. It's a win-win for everyone.

Aligning Pricing and Discounting Strategy
We price our products with discounts in mind. If you plan to have sales often, you might set prices a bit higher. But if you rarely have sales, keep prices reasonable for customers.

In the world of sales and discounts, aim for balance. Give back to your customers while keeping the value of your products intact.

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