lily of the valley | green leaves | sandalwood



Queen - fresh lily, water, and musk

Queen is a balance of resilience and tranquility. I wanted to create a strong blend of white tropical flowers in the rainforest, it smells like you have entered a curated private garden. This scent works perfectly in an entryway when you want to impress your guests, and as an intriguing floral when you wear it..

“Skilled in diplomacy and guile, a Queen provides a calming presence when no one else can.”


Top: lily of the valley, geranium

Heart: green leaves, ylang ylang

Base: sandalwood, oakmoss

Candle Performance

Strong (4): fills large spaces or open areas, noticeable upon entering the room.

Perfume Performance

6-8 hours on skin

All our candles use a coconut apricot + beeswax blend and a wood wick.

All our wax melts use coconut wax.

All our perfumes are eau de parfum (EDP) concentration and use an organic sugarcane alcohol spray base.

All of our products contain no phthalates or parabens.

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