apple blossoms | linen | grapefruit



Lord - crisp apple blossoms, linen, and musk

I wanted to make a true clean laundry perfume and that's what we have in Lord. Creating a good "laundry" fragrance is hard because you don't want it to smell solely like detergent but something that people will want to wear. I achieved this with Lord by mixing in citrus notes plus apple blossoms, all elements that are still clean but also complement the linen and airy aspects of the scent.

"The Lord exudes a timeless charm, spinning fantastic tales surrounded by a theater of admirers."


Top: apple blossoms, lemon

Heart: linen, cotton, chamomile

Base: grapefruit, musk

Perfume Performance

6-8 hours on skin

All our candles use a coconut apricot + beeswax blend and a wood wick.

All our wax melts use coconut wax.

All our perfumes are eau de parfum (EDP) concentration and use an organic sugarcane alcohol spray base.

All of our products contain no phthalates or parabens.

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