lemongrass | sandalwood | creamy vanilla



Countess - tropical lemongrass, coconut, and vanilla

Countess is an aromatic blend of lemongrass, sandalwood and creamy vanilla that will work in any space, delighting me after I sampled it. Perfect for guest bedrooms and offices, because the fragrance creates the illusion of a tropical vacation.

“Always on the lookout for a good time, the Countess can usually find it. Relaxing yet energetic.”


Top: lemongrass, coconut, jasmine

Heart: sandalwood, honeysuckle

Base: creamy vanilla, amber, cedar

Candle Performance

Light (2): not overpowering, suitable for small to medium spaces.

Perfume Performance

6-8 hours on skin


All our candles use a coconut apricot + beeswax blend and a wood wick.

All our wax melts use coconut wax.

All our perfumes are eau de parfum (EDP) concentration and use an organic sugarcane alcohol spray base.

All of our products contain no phthalates or parabens.

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