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Regal Duo - Limited Edition

$65 $99

The Duo line features sets of two Regal Collection soy wax candles in limited edition handblown glass vessels! 

  • One fragrance in a 13oz handblown blue glass vessel
  • The other paired fragrance in a 13oz handblown green glass vessel

These vessels are our largest size, come with a single wooden wick, and are designed to give great hot throw.

The Regal Collection was originally designed as sets of pairs. The pairs often share fragrance notes or complement each other while burning.

This line is limited and once we sell out of pairs, they will not be restocked!

Select from one of five pairs:

King + Queen

King - King is the ideal scent for any space. It is clean, inviting, and subtle enough to burn all year long, but strong enough to not fade away in the distance. I personally use this when I need to get some work done in my office.

Top notes: mountain air, fresh basil, grapefruit

Middle notes: aqua marine, ivy, white lavender, birch

Bottom notes: amber, soft cashmere, aged sequoia

QueenI created Queen to represent a balance of resilience and tranquility. A strong blend of white flowers, it smells like you have entered a rich, curated private garden. This scent would work perfectly in an entryway, when you want to impress your guests.

Top notes: lily of the valley, geranium

Middle notes: green leaves, ylang ylang

Bottom notes: sandalwood, oakmoss

Prince + Princess

Prince - I love strong, fruit-forward scents. Prince is a combination of purple berries, fruits, and florals that work together to brighten your space. Great for a kitchen, this scent has just enough sophisticated bottom notes to keep it from being cloying or sticky.

Top notes: blackberry, apple, tangerine, fig

Middle notes: raspberry, lavender, jasmine

Bottom notes: quince, white woods, musk

Princess - Have you ever walked into a flower shoppe and it was the perfect combination of scents to bring a smile to your face? Princess is that fragrance. If you love fresh cut flowers and bringing the outdoors into your home, then this is it for you!

Top notes: jasmine, pear, green leaves

Middle notes: lilac, peony, violet, tulip

Bottom notes: rose, carnation, fir needle

Duke + Duchess

DukeDuke is an outdoorsy pine scent through and through. It is a blend that works all year long in that it is not wintery, and it is not artificial pine. It is like walking through a densely wooded forest where you can barely see through the canopy. This is a great scent for a den or media room.

Top notes: cedar, lavender

Middle notes: pine needles, moss

Bottom notes: fresh air, eucalyptus, amber

DuchessFresh. I achieved my goal with Duchess in that is a great mix of a grassy, mossy green fragrance but without being heavy or humid. Place this in your sun porch and you can get that sunny, outdoor feeling even on a cold, dreary day!

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin leaf, fresh rain

Middle notes: woodland fern, ocean mist, lily

Bottom notes: lemon, sea moss, cashmere musk

Baron + Baroness

BaronBaron is sexy and complex. It is a wonderful combination of natural, woodsy notes supplemented with natural fragrance enhancers to create a strong presence that makes you want to take a deep breath. It absolutely has a place in your primary bedroom.

Top notes: tobacco leaf, sage, bay leaf

Middle notes: forest pine, oakmoss, orange blossom

Bottom notes: amber, grapefruit, frankincense

BaronessThis fragrance somehow gets all of the good from a rose and patchouli combination, and none of the bad. It is a strong floral scent but is balanced with vanilla and tonka beans. Perfect to relax your guests for an evening in your formal dining room or bar.

Top notes: orchid, tea petals, black pepper

Middle notes: guaiac wood, rose, tonka bean

Bottom notes: patchouli, black amber, vanilla

Count + Countess

CountIf you like scents that are spicy without being overbearing, Count fits the bill. The cedarwood and oak come through right away, but the incense note with a tiny hint of smoke lingers in the air. It reminds me of the colognes of the late 90s and early 2000s, but with a lighter and more sophisticated note. It would be amazing in a library or formal living room.

Top notes: mahogany, amber

Middle notes: cedarwood, lavender, smoke

Bottom notes: spicy incense, oak

CountessAnother crowd-pleaser that you can use in any space, Countess has the perfect ratio of lemongrass, sandalwood, and creamy vanilla. They blend together in an aromatic mix that surprised even me after I poured it. I keep Countess in my guest bedrooms but occasionally sneak it into my office when I want to relax.

Top notes: lemongrass, coconut, jasmine

Middle notes: sandalwood, honeysuckle

Bottom notes: creamy vanilla, amber, cedar

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