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Princess - flowery jasmine, pear, and rose

Have you ever walked into a flower shop and it was the perfect combination of scents to bring a smile to your face? Princess is that fragrance. If you love fresh-cut flowers and bringing the outdoors into your space, this is the scent for you!

“It is difficult to live without a care in the world. Princesses must bide time until they can decide their own fate.”


Top: jasmine, pear, green leaves

Heart: lilac, peony, violet, tulip

Base: rose, carnation, fir needle

Candle Performance

Very Strong (5): intense, ideal for large spaces or those who prefer a potent scent.

Perfume Performance

8-10 hours on skin


All our candles use a coconut apricot + beeswax blend and a wood wick.

All our wax melts use coconut wax.

All our perfumes are eau de parfum (EDP) concentration and use an organic sugarcane alcohol spray base.

All of our products contain no phthalates or parabens.

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